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Thoughts on the Flexible Working Bill from James Compton

The Flexible Working Bill is to be welcomed and we are already a proud advocate of flexible working. Quite simply flexible working arrangements have been great for us. They bring so many benefits to the table: a positive work environment, happy employees and increased productivity levels.
Here are some of the advantages we have found:
1. Boosted Employee Productivity – It’s a win-win. With flexible working our employees can pick their most productive hours (great for those early morning risers and night owls!) which means they slay their tasks like champions and get work done faster.
2. Work-Life Balance – With flexible working, our employees can juggle their work and personal commitments reducing life’s stress.
3. Top Talent Magnet – We find we can attract the crème de la crème of the workforce because we hope it shows we are a company that cares about our staff’s well-being.
4. Happy Employees, Happy Vibes – Because employees have the freedom to manage their work and personal lives, their good vibes create a positive and productive work environment. This all adds to the fantastic culture that we have at Comptons.
5. Master of Adaptation – With flexible working in play we can adapt to anything life throws our way such as train strikes (of which there are of course many), bad weather and health emergencies, you name it! 
6. Employee Engagement Explosion – By empowering our employees with trust and flexibility we have found they are more engaged and take full ownership of their responsibilities. 
Also let’s not forget the potential environment benefits. Reduced commuting could lead to a smaller carbon footprint therefore contributing to environmental sustainability.
Given our experience we would hope that the Flexible Working Bill will assist the UK to foster a more inclusive, adaptable, and employee-centric work environment benefiting both individuals and businesses alike. Plus benefit the planet!
About the Author
James Compton, Partner, Head of Enfranchisement

Specialises in: Real Estate Projects, Leasehold Property, Property Management, Company Commercial, Social Housing and Local Authority 

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