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Susanna Levingstone: A Day In The Life...

6am & i am “up and at ‘em” as they say …without fail. Yawn!

It doesn’t matter what season, or whether it’s snowing, bucketing it down, if the sun is shining, or whether it’s the weekend or not. Do you want to know why? Because I have an alarm clock I proudly made & grew myself …. 3 of them in fact.

Usually, my husband is already downstairs in the kitchen & we are like passing ships as he leaves the house to work as a Commercial Electrician at 6.15.

Then it’s all systems go with military precision to get 3 kids under 6 fed, dressed, teeth brushed & hair tidied before arms are shoved in coats & they are lined up at the front door ready to face the day.

I wish I could say it happens so easy but like every other parent, I tackle the every morning obstacle course of tantrums, tiaras, last-minute homework & lost shoe chaos.

Lord only knows that simply handing over a wrong colour cup is enough to throw the whole morning off course! But outnumbered in battle I have quickly learned that it’s best to just “Keep Calm & Carry On!”

8.15am and I’m starting the school run. My two older children are at one school site – albeit one at the school nursery & one in year 1. My youngest attends a private nursery, a ten-minute drive away.

It feels like a full day has passed already but it’s 9am by the time I am home, and checking my work emails & prioritising the tasks of the day.

To get me through, caffeine is a lifeline (or a sneaky Redbull if I’ve had a particularly bad night’s sleep with a teething toddler!) But it’s that and a bowl of cereal that ensures I’m well-fueled for six hours of solid residential conveyancing before I can join the school run dash again.

It’s a cliche but there really are never two days alike in Residential Conveyancing.

There are fee quotes to issue, calls to take and memorandum of sales to read.

Searches to order and enquiries to raise, with planning permission and building regulation checks to make.

Mortgage offers are reviewed along with lease plans and redemption statements ordered. With contracts to issue & reports on title to draft the clock ticks on.

Completion statements are drafted & mortgage funds requested. With several exchanges and completions, the day is a constant hive of activity.

It’s definitely not the job for a clock watcher or thumb twiddler! I guess I should also be grateful that the military-style organisational skills I use in my first job as a mummy to three are so transferrable!

Before I know it, it’s 3pm & I’m on the school run again, this time grabbing a quick ham sarnie on the go!

Long gone are thoughts of title deeds, contracts & leases. Instead, my thoughts are on the arts & crafts & school bags thrust into my arms amidst sloppy kisses & exciteable cuddles. Sibling laughs & squabbles fill the air now instead of email pings & keyboard clicks.

susanna levingstone comptons solicitors a day in the life of 1

As the kids play at my feet or in the garden, the house chores begin. Dinner prepped, kitchen cleaned, washing is put on or hung out and any homework is started until Daddy walks through the door around 5pm. I won’t lie, by this time I’m so happy to see my husband as it now means the playing field is leveled up a bit by an extra pair of hands!

With Daddy helping to sort dinner and bath the three messy munchkins, time passes quickly before I am herding them upstairs at 7pm for a bedtime story or two.

I would love to say it’s time to crack open a bottle of vino but as a home working conveyancer I am usually found opening the laptop again to finish work I started earlier or organise something for the next day, just this time with the hum of TV soaps in the background. (A large glass of red is mandatory on a Friday night though!)

A bit of me time follows in the form of a bubble bath & I’m ready to fall into bed, hoping the toddler teeth are not as troublesome tonight and ready to face it all over again tomorrow.

In the wise words of Winston Churchill…

“Everyone has his day, and some days last longer than others”- but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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