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Trust Solicitors

Comptons Solicitors is experienced in the creation and administration of Trusts including advice on legal and tax implications.
What is a Trust?

A trust deals with the formal transfer of assets (e.g. property, shares or monies) to a small group of people (trustees) to be held by them for the benefit of others (the beneficiaries).

Uniquely, trusts separate the legal and beneficial ownership of assets with the trustees being the legal owners and the beneficiaries being the beneficial owners.

Why might I want to create a Trust?

A well-structured trust aids in preserving and enhancing a clients’ assets by advising on succession planning, tax planning and tax saving opportunities. Trusts can be used to transfer assets to other generations in a structured way that minimises tax liability while formalising the client’s intentions.

A flexible solution for wealth planning

Trusts are an excellent vehicle for asset transfer, offering flexible solutions for a wide range of wealth planning, family or business requirements. Trusts can be used to hold all types of assets including property, stock portfolios, investments, land, trading businesses and intellectual property.

To ensure effective trust administration we work closely with trustees in matters relating to:

  • The creation and administration of trusts
  • Trustees’ powers and duties
  • Tax planning issues 
  • Helping Beneficiaries to understand their position
  • Closing or terminating trust arrangements. 

Looking for advice on Trusts from an experienced Solicitor? Speak to us about your options.

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