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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Solicitors

Estate planning is essential to make sure your wealth is protected for you and your family, by structuring your assets in a tax efficient way.
Why is it a good idea to consider Estate Planning?

At Comptons we believe planning for your estate is not just about mitigating your tax liability. It is equally about giving you peace of mind, knowing you will have enough for retirement and your loved ones will have the financial support they need.

Who should consider Estate Planning?

Estate planning can be useful to anyone at any age. You can use our estate planning services to:

  • Minimise inheritance tax on your estate
  • Mitigating Capital Gains tax liability
  • Prepare for future costs, such as care home fees
  • Plan for what would happen if you lost mental capacity
  • Set up dedicated trusts for things like school or university fees
  • Make sure your loved ones are provided for after your death
  • Put in place succession plans if you are a business owner.

Whether you’re worried about protecting your wealth, preparing for the future, or just making sure you leave your affairs in good order for your loved ones, Comptons Solicitors can help.

Inheritance Tax Planning

We can help you plan your estate’s inheritance tax so your loved ones can make the most of your assets, wealth, and property. Sophisticated planning and expert legal advice are essential to make sure your estate is inheritance tax (IHT) efficient, particularly if you own businesses or significant assets. We can advise you on how to take advantage of the complex web of IHT reliefs and exemptions and maximise the inheritance you pass on to the next generation. Our dedicated team of lawyers are recognised experts in all aspects of inheritance tax, including:

  • Inheritance tax planning and estate planning
  • Transferring tax-free allowances to wives, husbands and civil partners
  • Non-domicile and international inheritance tax
  • Filing inheritance tax returns
  • Will drafting
  • Lifetime gifts and potentially exempt transfers (PETs)
  • Charity donations
  • Trusts
  • Appealing IHT decisions with HMRC or at Tax Tribunal.

Inheritance tax is a dynamic area of law that is subject to constant change. It’s important to plan for the impacts of inheritance tax and keep your plan updated to account for the latest developments in the law.

Capital Gains Tax Planning

Our solicitors can provide advice and assistance on the most tax-efficient ways of dealing with your estate.

Assets sold during the administration of your estate could be exposed to capital gains tax where there has been an increase in value. However, the amount of tax due can be avoided or reduced if appropriate measures are taken. To better understand Capital Gains Tax, speak to one of our solicitors.

Looking to speak with someone about Estate Planning and tax implications? Contact us today.

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