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Wealth Protection

Wealth Protection on Divorce

Helping ensure your property and other assets are protected should your marriage break down.
We understand that no one wants to believe their marriage will end, but it's important to plan for every eventuality

Our specialist family lawyers offer advice on all aspects of wealth protection including cohabitation agreements, and pre-nuptial and post- nuptial agreements. We understand that no one wants to believe that their relationship or marriage will end and these arrangements can be considered unromantic or dooming a relationship/marriage to end. Sadly, the reality is that relationships and marriages to do end so if you have an agreement in place it can reduce/eliminate any further animosity that is often experienced during a breakdown of a relationship/marriage and reduce further costs and time.

In the UK, cohabiting couples are not afforded the same level of protection by the law as married couples. It is often this misconception that people believe that if they have been a cohabiting couple for a period of time, they became ‘common law’ spouses and have the same rights as married couples.

A pre-nuptial agreement is entered into before a marriage and enables couples the opportunity to consider their current financial positions and their plans for a financial settlement should the marriage end.

A post-nuptial agreement is entered into after a couple is married and living together allowing them to plan their finances should the marriage end.

To understand your rights and consider obtaining an agreement in respect of your property, pensions, savings, investments and children contact one of our expert family lawyers.

Looking for help to protect your wealth and assets? Contact our experienced team of Wealth Protection Lawyers today.

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"We understand that it can be difficult to have a conversation about the division of financial assets should you divorce, when in the process of entering into the marriage. We deal with negotiations in a sensitive manner, understanding the emotional and future financial significance of these discussions."