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Comptons Solicitors; extending our 35 years of experience into the digital world

Comptons Solicitors was established in 1987 and has seen some real change in the legal and technological landscape during those 30+ years. From starting out as a team of five who worked on one floor with just a fax machine by way of state-of-the-art systems, to in 2022 being a team of 35, occupying the whole of our office building in Camden, London with fully modern facilities and connectivity.

Our Background

Our initial focus back then was rooted in property law, something we’re perhaps most renowned for and that we continue to excel in. We have dealt with a number of high profile cases which have helped define the law in this area, which have been widely reported in the legal press and discussed at legal conferences. 

However today, we’re so much more than property focused. We have proudly introduced litigation, commercial, wills & probate and more recently family law over the years to build a robust, fully rounded and supportive legal team ready to help you at any stage of your life.

For that reason, we find ourselves very excited about reaching and serving people that need the full spectrum of our services the most. It’s not just to reach those looking to purchase or sell a property, extending leases on their flats or entering into a commercial lease. It is also to assist couples getting married and being keen to protect their assets with a prenuptial agreement to navigating divorce when children are involved. To help those considering plans for their own Estates, looking to create a Will to ensure their loved ones are looked after and their wishes are realised. Not to mention our expertise in the areas of employment law, company commercial and dispute resolution. 

Comptons offers a full range of services, honed over the last three decades, that help our clients through virtually any legal matter.

Our Digital Focus

Legal support may not be front of mind for most, but it’s of paramount importance when dealing with key and unplanned life events. The need for a solicitor can sometimes crop up unexpectedly. That’s why we’re now focusing our efforts more digitally, offering up accessible information on our website and social media channels to ensure clarity around how our team and range of services can help when the time comes.

We’re so excited to have launched our new-look website in recent days ( where we’re going to be sharing regular blogs, articles and updates with you on the areas we see as top of people’s agendas when looking for a legal partner. And that’s exactly how we see ourselves at Comptons, a trusted and approachable law firm to partner with you, providing practical legal advice within the context of a complicated and ever-changing world.

Our Content 

As well as our website and blogs, we will be sharing regular video content with you where we discuss key topics in more depth. We’ll soon be launching two new video series:

1. Comptons Clarifies…
Based on questions received by you on our social channels, we’ll be holding regular Q&A sessions where you can ask our team of solicitors for answers to your need-to-know questions. We’ll happily take questions from you on any legal topic relevant to our services, giving you a steer on subjects that you’re feeling most unclear about. While these answers shouldn’t be taken as legal advice, as we always need to know your specific circumstances in order to offer guidance tailored to your situation, the hope is that in understanding the subject matter better, we can demystify and clear up misconceptions surrounding the law. One of our key aims with Comptons Clarifies… is to help debunk certain legal terminology and processes so that should you come to engage us, you already feel well-equipped with a solid foundation of knowledge.

2. Comptons in Conversation with…

Accessing our wide network of contacts built over 30 years, we’ll be sitting down with a range of experts to chat candidly about subjects we feel passionately about. From how to minimise the impact of divorce on your children, to building a solid working relationship with your landlord, this series aims to shine a light on a variety of topics, offering a trusted point of view from professionals within their field.

So why are we doing all this?

It has become increasingly clear to us that to move with our clients who over the years have become more prevalent on digital and social media, we need to offer a deeper and more regularly updated base of content. We want to better engage our existing and potential clients, offer clarity to those looking for information from a trusted source and connect with the younger generation who at some point will need to engage solicitors. 

Follow Us

You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In where we’re looking forward to sharing some of our expertise, giving you an inside look at how we approach the work we so love to do. So expect a lot more content coming your way in the coming months, showcasing the incredible team we’re proud to have built at Comptons. Our celebrity office dogs might even make a cameo appearance!

Every team member of Comptons holds true the company value we strive to deliver; to be a problem solver, not a problem creator. Life can be complicated enough, we’re here to help those tricky moments become manageable.

About the Author
James Compton, Partner, Head of Enfranchisement

Specialises in: Real Estate Projects, Leasehold Property, Property Management, Company Commercial, Social Housing and Local Authority 

If you’re looking for help and advice, or are at a point in life where you need some supportive legal expertise, please contact James Compton in the Leasehold Property department at Comptons Solicitors LLP. ( / 020 7482 9513).